100% of proceeds support rehyphen program for saving the e-waste. 

In collaboration with Buttero premium vegetarian tanned leather stripe from Italy. This iconic black tote represents 2 tapes and comes with one sony music micro cassette tapes ornament keychain. With each purchase, 10% of proceeds are giving to UN foundation to create a better world. Join this global movement and tell us how you #beatplasticpollution


title. rehyphen® x Buttero   

function. tote bag.   

launchOct 2018

The perfect hostess gift for this Chinese New Year. Limited edition MusicCloth® Playing Cards is available now. ( * For collectors only)  


title. MusicCloth® Playing Cards    

function. Games and Sports.   

colours. Black/Blue , Gold/ Black, Silver/Red.   

launchJan 2019

“Music is a universal language that tied people together. It has the power to change the world. How might we reimagine a new way of exchanging music by addressing our global e-waste issues and transform this medium into another form that inspire global community?” 

title. MusicCloth® City Map / World Map Poster

size. 18" x 12" 

Function. Home & Office Decor

​*Customised city is available. 

You can now pocket your Music vibes with our Limited Edition MusicCloth® EZ-Link card stickers which weaved of your pre-loved cassette tapes. Every MusicCloth® card sticker owns its own unique pattern and colour combination. We hope that this little sticker will remind you to love the earth wherever you go!  

title. MusicCloth® Ez-link Card Stickers 

function. For Public Transit use on MRT, LRT and buses.  

launchMarch 2018 #Singaporedesignweek

We collaborate with different café to launch our “Good Morning” collection which include our Mixtape Coaster and MusicCloth® Latte Art poster that come in different languages . 


title. MusicCloth® Mixtape coasters (4 coasters per set)  

function. For hot and cold beverages.  

title. MusicCloth® Latte Art poster  

highlight.  "Good Morning" in different languages

日文 🇯🇵 “おはようございます ”
義大利🇮🇹 “buongiorno” 
中文 🀄️ “早安”
韓文 🇰🇷 "좋은 아침"
西班牙🇪🇸 “Buenos días”
英文 🇬🇧 “Good Morning”

launchMarch 2018 #Singaporedesignweek

We use our OLD music to exchange your NEW music. We believe music is important to activist in the sense that it stirs passion, it stirs interest, it stirs curiosity, it moves you to question your own beliefs. Each notebook come with a bookmark quote from the end tapes that inspire us. 

title. MusicCloth® Travel size notebook

size. 5.5" x 3.5" (25 pages) 

launch. March 2018 #Singaporedesignweek

We developed a series of accessories by using left over hardware from mini DV tapes and implement SWAROVSKI crystals to sparked the imagination of up-cycled design is not an environment movement but a genre in its own right. It is the reminder of observing the other side of existence is the essence of art. 

title. rehyphen® x SWAROVSKI  

function. Necklace, ring and ear rings.   

launchMarch 2018 #Singaporedesignweek

Theses left over empty tapes which we finished using are turning into "Tweet tapes. " A unique up-cycled greeting card which come with a 140 character meaningful quotes to inspire us and our loved ones, each specially chosen to celebrate the various special occasions in our lives. Turn and read the hidden message inside the tapes. Rehyphen's tweet tape was honored to be selected by American Design Club as one of the "New Alarm" that will draw people's attention and inspire action in our city. 

title. Tweet Tapes 

function. Postcard, Birthday card, Christmas card, Mother's day card ...  

launchMarch 2018 #Singaporedesignweek

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