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rehyphen_upcycling workshop

Pause II

Welcome! Are you ready to pause yourself for a while? Come join our up-cycling workshop and learn how you can turn waste into a new material. 

rehyphen_ cassette tapes_ walkman

"Ready, Cassette, Go!" workshop

Material is the fundamental criteria when we build or make anything. In the next decade, global warming is one of the biggest threat to human-being. Our courses give you an overview on our global waste issue and inspire you to experiment and curate waste as your primary source in your future design process. 

Step 01

Pick your  favourite cassette tapes + walkman experience

You will have a chance to sneak peak into our cassette archive and experience listening music with our vintage walkman. Pick up to three of your favourite cassette tapes for weaving session. 

Step 02

Weaving MusicCloth

We will share you an overview of global waste and the cost of music. You will earn basic fabric construction method and how you can weave cassette tapes into MusicCloth. The idea of turning waste into a new material will inspire you and act differently in your daily life. 

Step 03

Transfer MusicCloth into a Singapore map / self portrait

This is the magical part! We will help you transfer your MusicCloth into a piece of MusicCloth Singapore map or your own self portrait. You can bring it back home as a memorable souvenir for this up-cycling workshop Traditional chiffon cakes and tea will be served after the workshop. 

Organization who hire us.

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"Truly unique experience that you definetely would not find anywhere else.”

The New Straits Time, Singapore

Seiyi, U.S.A.

 I would highly recommend this 
class for anyone who enjoys 
thinking outside the box and trying out new things."

Asther , Singapore

"J.J basically just like holding a magic wand then gives a new life to those waste. I like the way she sees the value in something wasted."

Sean, Fiji

“JJ went out of her way to make this experience extra special for my friends, for whom I gave it as a gift.”


DPM Lawrence Wong_rehyphen.jpg

Corporate gift

Customise your unique MusicCloth gift with your logo to your VIP and employees on special ceremony events and festive seasons to promote up-cyling design. 

rehyphen_textile design workshop.jpg

Corporate CSR workshop

Learn the importance of up-cycling design, basic fabric construction method and experiment turning cassette tapes into a piece of cloth- MusicCloth. We can customise our workshop based on the duration and the amount of participants. 

rehyphen_national youth council_consultation.jpg

Project Consultation

Get expert insight from design and environmentally fresh perspective on turning your company waste into new product. Gain industry network to achieve project objective. 


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