Expert Testimonial

MusicCloth is a highly creative yet relatively low tech solution, it becomes the story similar to Parley for the Oceans and Emeco's Coca-Cola Navy chair. 

Dr. Andrew Howarth Dent, EVP at Material ConneXion, New York, United States.

She gives them a new lease of life by up- cycling discarded cassette tapes, weaving them into fabric for new products. That's really turning trash into treasure! 

Dr. Amy Khor, Minister of State for the Environemnt and Water resources,


Mmm... A polyester fibre with metallic oxide coatings sound like a hi-tec fabric to me. Actually, it's more hi-fi. An astonishing reinvention of tape into something fashionable and fabulous, Darling!

Kevin McCloud, British Designer, writer and television host for Channel 4 Grand Design, 

London, United Kingdom 

Her boldness to take the less trodden path as an entrepreneur and her innovative idea to epicycle something outdated in current times but full of memories of the past, cassette tapes,  into something meaningful which attracted us. 

Francis Leong, Country Manager of Corum Singapore 

Rehyphen believes that almost anything can be reinterpreted and brings a deeper meaning to their works by virtue of the digital audio data that is locked away within the works and patterns.  

Christian Riechert, Co-founder of Fuzzoscope & Allied Forces Press, San Francisco,

United States. 

Great Product! MusicCloth is so much more than a piece of artwork, the people behind it really want to make the world a better place and tell a great story  with each new artwork to boot. 

Veerle Donders, Concept and brand director of Zoku, Amsterdam, Holland.

Since so much of what is produced today ends up contaminating our environment, Rehyphen is contributing to both the beauty of the earth and producing a beautiful product all with one simple process. 

Dr. Elizabeth Beck, Librarian at University of Pennsylvania, Fisher Fine Arts Library Material Collection,

Pennsylvania, United States. 

She not only inspires the local community but also creates a positive impact on the travelers who come to Singapore. 

Hyunkyoung Lee, Airbnb Trip Market Manager,

Seoul, Korea.  

Connect fashion products creatively with waste material to reduce environment footprint.  It's a great approach to sustainable living while the consumer having fun and unique items on hand.  

Khai Ling Lai, Curator at TEDxSugai Segget, 

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

MusicCloth is one of the most unique creation I have ever seen. It is not only outstanding, but also an eco-friendly gesture in the modern world, which reminds everyone the importance of sustainability. 

Raffi Wong, Account Manager at Pinkoi (HK) Limited,


They make us dig out our long forgotten cassette and indulge in a bit of nostalgia in this fast-paced world. We all like to remember the old good days sometimes. Now, we can carry a bit of our youth with us everywhere. 

Marlene Ozdemir, Owner of Boum Boutique Cafe, 

Berlin, Germany.