MusicCloth  is an innovative up-cycle material made from discarded cassette tapes and video tapes.  

The tapes consist of polyester film with metallic coatings, which would otherwise be considered a waste material.


The material is woven in a basket weave pattern, which allows stability and durability. Cloth edge finished in a smooth finishing. Each MusicCloth® owns its own unique colours combination and patterns.

 MusicCloth® is light weight, sound absorbing and highly water resistance.

"A brand new way of exchanging music."


MusicCloth  was developed over nine months of R&D by JJ Chuan and her team.


MusicCloth® swatches have been stored and are available in Material ConneXion world wide libraries (Product Number: MC 7654-01) & University of Pennsylvania material lab. This material has been exhibited at TEDx as one of the idea worth spreading. American Design Club's jury selected MusicCloth® tote bag as one of the modern method of what it means to built an object. Kevin McCloud hand-picked rehyphen as one of his Top 7 Green Heroes. RedDot 21 also included MusicCloth® as one of the excellent 21st-century world of design.

What is rehyphen  ?


rehyphen® : “re” is a prefix, used with the meaning again and again to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “backward”. “Hyphen” is a sign ( - ) used to join words to indicate that they have a combined meaning or that they are linked. rehyphen® is created with the aim of solving real-life problems.

100% of proceeds support rehyphen program for saving the e-waste. 

​/our founder

J.J. Chuan, the founder of Rehyphen® who graduated from Parsons The New School of Design in New York. She is a multi- local who has been working and living in Singapore, Malaysia, New York and Shanghai. J.J. founded Rehyphen® studio with the mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. She believes that music is a universal language, and it has the power to change the world. She reimagine a new way of exchanging music by addressing our global e-waste issues and transform our pre-loved cassette tapes into pieces of MusicCloth® that inspire global community. Run by mother-daughter duo, the brand produced all its product locally in Singapore. 

J.J is a recipient of Yeohlee fellowship program which she learned and followed the luxury designer Yeohlee in New York who advocates locally made, zero waste and sustainable practices. She was also deeply influenced by Safia Minney's book "Naked Fashion" which she read in 2011. In 2014, She participated The People’s climate march in New York, the largest climate change march in history, which determine her to sell the world “a better world”. 

Sentimentality was another reason for the creation of MusicCloth®, cassette tapes were part of the medium of communication with her best friends ( who live in Australia ) when smartphones and social media had not been invented yet. During a major clean up of her room when she back from New York in 2016, she found those cassette tapes and came up with this idea to use them to weave into a piece of cloth, in additional to make waste and memories beautiful. She and her mum started this project together and took about 9 months to work out a proper way to weave cassette tapes. 

If one day there is no more cassette tapes to weave, it will be a good ending. At least J.J. and her team help to reduce and eliminate part of the e-waste in the globe and turn them into a beautiful products which people could appreciate and use today.

For all press enquiries and interview requests please contact jjchuanyx@rehyphen.org

Photo Credit: Corum Singapore

Photo Credit: Corum Singapore

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