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Oh Boy|Flanery

【 Highlight: rehyphen Spring March Playlist 】Introducing our musician friends - @flanerymusic, a French Javanese singer songwriter, whose real name is Aude Giraud. She takes her name from the French word that denotes keen-eyed wayfarer, a witness who chronicles moments of urban life. But She's equally at home in the wilderness, agitated and nourished by the silence of feral landscapes.

Her debut single "Oh Boy "- which the title track is inspired by F.Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic The Great Gatsby. She spent two weeks in a small town in New Zealand to write songs. You can feel the atmosphere and mood of soothing and calming in her song as if you are brought to the place she were crafting her song.

"Layers" is another song we love. This second single has a particular flavour as it coincides with the birth of her daughter. A song for you to feel a little less lonely, when you feel a little fragile and need layers of protection to cover your vulnerability. If you have our scan and listen card, go listen to her song and enjoy!

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