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IDK | Jasmine Yen 甄濟如

【Highlight : New song! Refresh our August playlist】 This month we would like to introduce @donnieyenofficial 甄子丹’s daughter @jasmineyen 甄濟如 ‘s debut single 《IDK 》. “idk” is a light-hearted pop-R&B tune that explores a girl’s journey to discovering autonomy in a relationship and self-love.

In addition to her new single, Jasmine will also released her first album with her 2nd single 《TBH》on 1st September 2023.

Our founder JJ Chuan莊逸馨 is very honored to be involved in the lyrics writing part in this song! Dedicated this song to all of you, we hope you will like it! Tune on and enjoy 🎶🎧! Listen to the full song and watch IDK MV at


Weibo, Spotify & Apple Music: Jasmine Yen 甄濟如

作詞:Jasmine Yen 甄濟如/莊逸馨/唐達 Tat Tong /Anna Dellaria/Pablo Valda

作曲:Jasmine Yen 甄濟如/唐達 Tat Tong /Anna Dellaria/Pablo Valda

演唱 Vocal :Jasmine Yen 甄濟如

Label: RCA Records China

I think we have a problem boy




So now I’m thinkin’ probably


Been goin’ round in circles ‘cause of you baby, ooh baby

Everything we do is déjà vu, baby

什麽都不知道 為了不 拆穿你

So all I’m gonna say is

I don’t know why this isn’t working

怎麽還傷心 Am I the fool?

I don’t know why this isn’t working

If it’s not me then it’s gotta be you

With you I never could say no






I need all or nothing yeah

I’m a dime you a dozen yeah

Baby I need all or nothing more from you

Now I know why this isn’t working

If it’s not me then it’s gotta be you


製作人 Producer : 唐達 Tat Tong

編曲Arranger : 唐達 Tat Tong

合成器 Synth :唐達 Tat Tong

人聲錄音 Vocal Recording Engineer: 唐達 Tat Tong

人聲錄音棚 Vocal Recording Studio: Cashmere Studio

混音 Mixing Engineer: 唐達 Tat Tong

母帶 Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch @The Mastering Palace

封面設計 Cover Design : OAK

企劃宣傳 Marketing : Kate Lu @ RCA Records China, Luyi Ning @ RCA Records China

商務推廣 Commercial Partnerships: 淩娜 Sunny Ling @ RCA Records China

音樂統籌 A&R:Tat Tong @ RCA Records China,Asia Dai @ RCA Records China

監製 Deputy Executive Producer:Ruth Ling @ RCA Records China, Kevin Foo @ RCA Records China

總監製 Chief Executive Producer:Andrew Chan @ Sony Music Greater Chin

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