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I am not a cat | Kawasxmi

【 Highlight: rehyphen August Singapore city Playlist 】Introducing our musician friends - @kawasxmi, a 13 years old Singaporean young singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalists, and book author. She is truly a multi- talented artiste, “I am not a cat' is a chacha mandarin song. Kawasxmi use this ball dance music to tell a story of her and her cat Michelangelo, a fluffy Maine Coon. You will also be surprise to hear Michelangelo as the background sounds for this new song.

Kawasxmi is young but she has an old soul. She loves all the old stuff, old building, old song and old cassette tapes! That’s how we know each other!

Besides our Singapore national theme song for August, her latest single is our highlight in our August Singapore city playlist! If you have our scan and listen card, go listen to her album and enjoy!

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