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TBH| Jasmine Yen 甄濟如

Finally! Congratulation Jasmine Yen on her debut album “tbh” is out now! 8 songs, one album, superb team! There are four songs fully in English, four songs are mix with Mandarin + English. The album release follows the announcement of her signing to RCA Records Greater China, a division of Sony Music Entertainment (SME) in late July, along with the release of her first single “idk”. Jasmine’s debut album ‘tbh’ is a kaleidoscope of pop versatility. From the enthralling ballad “it’s not u it’s me“, to the sensual “tempo” to the upbeat dance numbers “idk” and “tbh”.


Raised in Hong Kong, Jasmine began nurturing her talent at a young age, starting to compose when she was only seven years old. To date, she has written over 70 original songs, including 30 during the pandemic. Through her music, she hopes to inspire a generation of bold and confident girls.


Listen to the full song and watch ‘tbh’ MV on

youtube: Jasmine Yen channel

Spotify & Apple Music: Jasmine Yen


作詞:Jasmine Yen/莊逸馨/Tat Tong 唐達/PAU/Christoffer Semelius

作曲:Jasmine Yen/Tat Tong 唐達/PAU/Christoffer Semelius

演唱 Vocal:Jasmine Yen 甄濟如

Label: RCA Records China


Boy I know you know I like ya

只用眼神回應雖然 不曾承認 yeah


Gonna put you under pressure

Keepin’ score, baby ooh

What you gon’ do bout it?

Take your time

誰過了 煎熬的等待

誰輸了 就要被淘汰

No I don’t mind 在你面前我很坦率

I'm just keepin it real tonight

One more time

To be honest 無瑕疵


To be honest I got this


‘Cause I bring that dynamite


To be honest I promise

If you don’t get it then you won’t

Go lalala (yeah yeah)

Boy tbh


如果誠實可以把你區隔 劃分

But you look like an imposter

Takin’ space up on my roster

Seriously, baby ooh

What you gon’ do bout it?


製作人 Producer:Christoffer Semelius/唐達Tat Tong

編曲Arranger:Christoffer Semelius

配唱Vocal Producer:唐達Tat Tong

人聲錄音:Vocal Recording Engineer: 唐達Tat Tong

人聲錄音棚:Vocal Recording Studio: Cashmere Studio

混音Mixing Engineer:唐達Tat Tong

母帶Mastering Engineer:Dave Kutch @The Mastering Palace

封面設計:Cover Design: OAK

企劃宣傳:Marketing: Kate Lu @RCA Records China, Luyi Ning @RCA Records China

商務推廣:Commercial Partnerships: 淩娜 Sunny Ling @RCA Records China

音樂統籌 A&R:Tat Tong @RCA Records China,Asia Dai @RCA Records China

監製 Deputy Executive Producer:Ruth Ling @RCA Records China, Kevin Foo @RCA Records China

總監製 Chief Executive Producer:Andrew Chan @Sony Music Greater China



編舞助理Assistant Choreographer:陳凱琪Juliette Chen



造型Stylist:陳凱琪Juliette Chen @COMI STUDIO

舞團Dance team:@Kumakidz

舞者Dancers:張雨甜AnneZhang/陳穎軒Anubis Chen/胡慧婷Jaddy Hu/陳凱琪 Juliette Chen/海瑭 Sugar Hai/章瑞琪Rachel Zhang

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