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Dapple Patterns | 假日貞操 Virgin Vacation

【Highlight: New album! Refresh our April playlist】 This month we would like to introduce our musician friend 假日貞操 Virgin Vacation new album “Dapple Patterns”. A Hong Kong band that specialise in instrumental, experimental, psychedelic and post rock genre since 2018.

“Dapple Patterns” is a voyage into the unknown, a bizarre dream. The journey starts from “Yellow Scissors,” followed by “Ghost”, “RED”, “Jupitar” “Dapple PatternII”, “Forest” and end at “Dapple Pattern I”. It released in a vinyl, CD, and cassette tapes format, as well as on streaming service too. Check out their Asia tour schedule in your country which will start from April till May.

13April Beijing, 雜草 abc

9May Taipei, The Wall

10May Taichung, Dao 道

11May Taichung, Rockland + P.L.U.S

12May Tainan, TCRC

16May Shanghai 育音堂 (凱旋店)

17May GuangZhou, 聲音共和- 昨日世界館

18May ShenZhen, BO Livehouse

24May Tokyo, Club Asia

26May Tokyo, Basement Bar

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