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Bedroom | Diana Wang 王诗安

【Highlight : New song! Refresh our July playlist】 This month we would like to introduce our musician friend @dianawangofficial 王诗安 ‘s new song 《Bedroom》. A Dutch born singer who based in Taiwan. This song is a song about conversation with yourself, tidying up your thoughts and ready for the future!


Our founder JJ Chuan莊逸馨 is very honored to be involved in the Mandarin lyrics writing part in this song! Dedicated this song to all of you, we hope you will like it! Tune on and enjoy 🎧! Listen to the full song and watch Bedroom MV at


Spotify & Apple Music: Diana Wang



曲:Diana Wang王詩安/唐達Tat Tong/賴暐哲Steven Lai/林言奕Andy Lin@上奕音樂

詞:Diana Wang王詩安/莊逸馨/唐達Tat Tong/賴暐哲Steven Lai/林言奕Andy Lin@上奕音樂

Guitar: Derrick Sepnio

Mixer: Richard Furch

Label: RCA Records China



其實很多話 我想要說

停在腦海裡 不停地閃爍

好像腦細胞在 來來回穿梭

丟掉了還在 想躲也躲不過

我在籠子裡 在外太空

或許這是我 可以遙控

我的一生都在 追與被追中

得不到的想要 難道被捉弄

Stars and melodies

Bills, responsibilities

I won’t hi i ide control is in my hands

Now I’m pressin’ all the buttons ( Let them talk it’s ok )

Welcome to my bedroom Let it all out

Freedom What it’s about

And I’m Felling so good

Welcome to my bedroom 拿掉皇冠

我的城堡 我說了算

Cuz I’m Felling so good

如果我擁有 整個宇宙

要往哪裡走 我的自由

如果不能承受 不要再拼湊

重新回到起點 和未來邂逅

Felling so good Felling so good

And I’m Felling so good

The older I get, the less I care

I just wanna turn off all the lights and walk into a new world

Run away with all my stuff on my back and the wind in my hair

And the company of my closest friend

So, are you with me?

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